Mountain Gorilla Conservation in Uganda

Mountain gorillas are endangered species inhabiting the mountainous areas. There found in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park in the south west part of Uganda, other Gorillas inhabit the volcanoes national park of Rwanda and the rest inhabit the Virungas in the Democratic Republican of Congo.

Mountain gorillas are 880 in number, the only ones left in the world and Bwindi national park is the only remote and densely protected area with major strongholds to protect these species. These endangered species face a lot of threats which can only be solved by conservation.

In Uganda Mountain Gorillas are conserved in the following ways. Gorillas are conserved through the public health organization which is non profitable. The organization works hand in hand to prevent the spread of disease from humans to the mountain Gorillas as well as from mountain Gorillas to humans.

The members of the organization that is in charge of conserving the mountain gorillas encourage the local people to adopt better heal and hygiene which benefits the mountain Gorillas, their emphasized through monitoring them, carrying out survey by leading the outreaches and education.

The conservation goes on to improve the facilities to attract tourists and also to ensure that Gorilla trekkers do not bring diseaes to the Gorillas.

The Uganda wildlife Authority has improved on the funding for Gorilla survey data. Uganda, has strengthened the UN peacekeepers in Gorilla range in order to secure border crossings and stop illegal trade and strengthening the long term training for park rangers and park headquarters manager in order the Gorillas to be monitored against poaching.

Conservation in Uganda is done by promoting anti corruption in order to protect the mountain Gorillas. Most importantly people are encouraged to share and talk about mountain Gorillas this will help to increase on the solutions for Gorilla conservations in Uganda.

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